The Journal of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aerospace(JUASAS)  publishes articles of excellent scientific quality coming all over the globe. The review is constructive with careful attention to details and the intellectual independence of the author is respected. JUASAS publishes all articles coming from all fields of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Systems, Aerospace, and Satellites including their related fields such as not limited to:  Air drone vehicles, control surfaces , orbital mechanics, aircraft and spacecraft, celestial mechanics, production methods, aeronautics, drag, rocket propulsion, astrodynamics, earth’s atmosphere, rocket science, astronautics, fluid mechanics, statics, aircraft design, guidance and control of space vehicle, stability and Control, airfoil, instrumentation and communication, thermodynamics, aerodynamics characteristics and behavior, lift, telecommunications, acoustics, missile system, unmanned flying vehicles, avionics, power and thermal control, manned Flying vehicles, vehicles design, airspace control, mechatronics, airspace management, navigation and control. Authors are invited to submit their original articles, improved articles from previous research whether fundamental or Applications for publications.

Applied Science and Computer Science Publications (ASCSpub) publishes peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal with high standards in quality of papers coming all over the world. ASCSPublications welcomes conference abstracts, improve previous research articles, case reports and  original research on theory and practical developments in all engineering disciplines including bioinformatics, neuroscience, computational science as well as applied  mathematics and statistics.  

ASCSPublications encourages the submission of manuscripts on any topics on: Advanced control, automation, robotics, computer vision, pattern recognition, telecommunications, signal processing, information and communication engineering, materials science,  mechanical engineering, unmanned aerial systems and aerospace. All emerging topics related on the above mentioned topics are also accepted.

The ASCSPublications review process is fast with fair judgment, critical scientific and critical appraisal delivered in a timely manner. The review is very constructive by giving careful attention to detail and the intellectual independence of the authors are respected by our reviewers. All manuscripts submitted to ASCS Publications are treated as confidential documents and are not  disclosed to anyone before it published based on ASCS Publications Intellectual right policy.

 To proceed, please select the Journal that best matches your article, read carefully the author instructions and prepare your paper accordingly. Our professional staffs are standing by to give you all assistances you need. Paper not conform with the Ascspub submission requirements will not be accepted

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The Journal of Inforation and Communication Enginnering (JICE) is an International Journal that focuses on the following fields: Primary and secondary data, inpute device, manframe computer, electronic device, information technology, strategy information systmes, auditor, information systems literacy, accouting information system,geographic information system, strategy and strategic information system in context, system development analyst, business information systems, integration of enterprise system, applied communication, communication education, media communication, communication theory, electronic media, health communication, legal communication, impact of communication technology,laguage and social communication to mentione only a few. All emerging topics related bo information and communication egineering icluding their  applications are also published.

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The Journalof Advanced Automation Control and Robotcis (JACAR) is a cross-road where authors around the planet publish their papers discribing theory, developement and application in the following fields: Control theory, distributed control system, model predictive control, transportation, internet application, transportation mnotoring, biometrics robots, nanorobots, soft robots vision based robot control, artificial intellligent based robot control. All emerging topics on the mentioned domanis are also welcome.

The Journal of Bioinformatics and Neurosciences (JBINS) is the International Scientifics Journals that publishes a high standard in quality of manuscripts in the fields of IT in biotechnology for the data storage, data warehousing and analyzing the DNA sequences, computational biology, computational biomodeling, computational genomics, molecular medicine, personalized medicine, preventative medicine, gene therapy, drug development, microbial genome applications, waste cleanup, climate change Studies,alternative energy sources, biotechnology, antibiotic resistance, forensic analysis of microbes, biodiversity informatics ,health informatics, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, neural circuits and systems, ccultural neuroscience, evolutionary neuroscience, neuroengineering, molecular neuroscience, neuroinformatics, neuroimaging  and  all  emerging topics on the application of bioinformatics and neuroscience in various fields

The Journal of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(JCVPR) publishes manuscripts that explore the reconstration, extraction, analysis, interpretation and understanding of imformation from image or video, signal processing and so on. Including manuscripts coming from its application in the following domains: Robotics, medecine, Security and surveillance, transportation, industrial automation image and video databases, biometrics, gesture analysis and geoscience but not limitd to. JCVPR focuses also on the recognition of all patterns and regularites in data or its classification based statistical, syntactic or neural including all related topics.

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The Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (JAMS)  publishes articles of excellent scientific quality in all mathematics and statistics the core of all sciences such as not limited to: Mathematical finance, dynamical Systems, algorithms, mathematical physics,  numerical analysis, communications technology, mathematical biology,  fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, optimization , probability and stochastic , processes, combinatorics, computational biology, physical applied mathematics, computational science and numerical analysis, theoretical computer science, theoretical physics, mathematical tools for the physical sciences, mathematical methods in classical and quantum mechanics, partial differential equations. matrix computations and scientific computing, mathematical methods for optimization, mathematical and computational methods in molecular biology, mathematical economics , actuarial science, astrostatistics, biostatistics, econometrics, geostatistics , environmental statistics, business analytics, statistical mechanics, statistical physics, statistical signalprocessing, statistical thermodynamics, statistical finance, reliability engineering. All interesting  topics in Applied Mathematics and Statistics are welcome



The Journal of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering (JMSME) publishes manuscripts that descride the State-Of-Art  on the study of relationships between the synthesis, processing, structure, properties, ceramics, semiconductors, metals, composites biomaterials  and  the performance of materials that enable engineering function including paper related to all its application. Manuscripts coming from thermodynamics, nanotechnology, manufactory, physis, mechanical engineering, system dynamics and control mechanics, transportation systems, mechanical design, heat transfer,conbustion and the environment mechatronics, biomedicaland engineering fluid, power plant,  mechanical systems including all emerging topics related to materials sciences mechanical engineeing are also published

ISSN: 2186-9170

Ascspub aims is to create an opportunity to the world scientific community at all level to share their research results, set the limit of acceptability and be up to date of the new discoveries towards their articles to contribute to the sustainable development of science and technology. As the effect of new technology on society can draw attention to an old issue and can change our understanding of that issue.


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