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Ascspub aims to create an opportunity for the world scientific community at all levels to share their research results, set the limit of acceptability and be up to date of the new discoveries towards their articles to contribute to the sustainable development of science and technology. As the effect of new technology on society can draw attention to an old issue and can change our understanding of that issue.

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Applied Science and Computer Science Publications (ASCSpub) publishes peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journals with high quality papers submitted from all over the world. ASCSPublications welcomes conference abstracts, improved previous research articles, case reports and  original research on theory and practical developments in all engineering disciplines including bioinformatics, neuroscience, computational science as well as applied  mathematics and statistics.  

ASCSPublications encourages the submission of manuscripts on topics such as: Advanced control, automation, robotics, computer vision, pattern recognition, telecommunications, signal processing, information and communication engineering, materials science,  mechanical engineering, unmanned aerial systems and aerospace. All emerging topics related to the above mentioned topics are also accepted.

The ASCSPublications review process is carried out with fair judgment, critical scientific and critical appraisal, and delivered in a timely manner. The constructive review process gives careful attention to details and the intellectual independence of the authors are respected by our reviewers. All manuscripts submitted to ASCS Publications are treated as confidential documents and are not  disclosed to anyone before publishing based on ASCS Publications Intellectual right policy.

To proceed, please select the Journal that best matches your article, read carefully the author instructions and prepare your paper accordingly. Our professional staff are standing by to give you any assistance you may need. 
Papers not conforming with the Ascspub submission requirements will not be accepted.   Clicking on the journal name or acronym will lead you to the journal page.

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