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Editor in Chief Decision.
Dr. DAI Fengzhi

Jacar-1002 Dan Niu, Jiawei Cui, Xisong Chen and Jun Yang Sept. 21, 2016 China Automatic Control of Chlorine Dosage Based on Disturbance Observer.

Reviewer 1: A W M R
Reviewer 2: A A I I
Reviewer 3: A W M R

Accepted with
minor revisions

Jacar-125 Yiqiao QIN and Qing HE Sept. 24, 2016 China The Development of Intelligent Rescue Robot

Reviewer 1:Not started
Reviewer 2:Not Started
Reviewer 3:Not started

Upon Rev. Recom
Jacar-115 Hongtao ZHANG and Qing HE Oct. 2, 2016 China The Verification of Image Identification Based on SVM

Reviewer 1:Not started
Reviewer 2:Not started
Reviewer 3:Not started

Upon Rev. Recom
JICE-1005 Takashi Sato and Fumiko Shirasaki Oct. 17, 2016 Japan

A Comparative Study on the Performances of Q-Learning and
Neura Q-Learning Agents toward Analysis of Emergence of Communication

Reviewer 1: Completed
Reviewer 2: Completed
Reviewer 3: Completed

Accept with
minor revisions
Nov.17, 2016

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A W M R: Accept With Minor Revisions

A  A   I  I: Accept  As  It Is

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