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    Applied Science and Computer Science Publications (Ascs-pub) is a publisher publishing original research papers, case report or review papers of high quality on the theory and/or on the practical developments of science in all Engineering disciplines including, Natural Sciences, Biology, Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Statistic and their applications. Through our Journals we aim to create an opportunity to the world scientific community at all levels to share their research results, set the limit of acceptability and be up to date of the new discoveries, give opinion on old theorems and help other scholar find a clue for their research project throughout their publishing articles to contribute to the sustainable development of science and technology. As the effect of new technology on society can draw attention to an old issue and can change our understanding of that issue. The publication is done both online and printed proceedings.



    Ascs-pub encourages the submission of manuscripts in the following fields not limited to: Advanced Control, Automation, Robotics, Computer Science, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Networks and Communication, Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications, Signal Processing, Information and Communication Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aerospace, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. All emerging topics related to the above-mentioned fields are also accepted.

    For the confidentiality of the review process we ask our authors to remove their names, co-author names and their institutions on the paper during the initial submission. The review process is carried out with fair judgment, critical scientific and critical appraisal delivered in a timely manner with respect of the author intellectual independence.


    Real time Manuscript Tracking

    Ascs-pub updates authors in real time on the progression of their paper being reviewed. The author will receive an automatic notification E-mail when their paper passed each review process or is being finalized by the Editor-in-Chief. The notification E-mail which the author receives will indicate the current status of the review process approval.

    Journals Publication Fequency
    Online Publication:  Every week

    Once the publication is done, the electronic version of the published paper will be sent to author.

    Offprint Publication:  Every  two months
  • Applied Science and Computer Science Publications Award

    ASCSPub Award is established in 2016 to encourage authors of high quality papers published in its 7 Journals.

    Award types: 1.  Excellent Paper Award, 2. Best of the Best Paper,  3. Best Paper Award


    • During the review process the ASCSPub reviewers recommend  to the Editorial Board some high quality papers for ASCSPub Award.
    • Papers recommended for Award by the reviewers are send to the Scientific Committee Panel Award (SCPA) .
    • The SCPA will again review all papers recommended by the reviewers.
    • The SCPA will make their final recommendation to the Board of Directors (BoD) for approval.
    • The BoD will review all the SCPA recommended papers and convey a meeting for final decision.
    • The authors of the selected papers will be granted the ASCSPub Award


    Excellent Paper Awardee Benefits

    • The Laureate of Excellent Paper Award will receive an Award Certificate and a gift pen.
    • He/she will have a privilege to publish up to 2 papers with  US $ 50 coupon discount.


    Best of the Best Paper Awardee Benefits

    • The Laureate of Best of the Best Paper Award will receive an Award Certificate and a gift pen
    • He/she will have a privilege to publish up to 2 papers with US $ 25 coupon discount.


    Best Paper Awardees Benefits

    • The Laureate of the Best Paper Award will receive an Award Certificate and and a gift pen
    • He/she will have a privilege 1 paper with US $20 coupon discount.


    What Happens Next for the ASCS-Pub Awardee?

    • They will provide  the following information to the editorial  office:
    • He/her photo to display on the ASCSPub wepage.
    • The name of his/her mentor, the name of the department dean, the depratment address he/she belongs to and the name of the insitution president and address


    Most of the research conducted in the academic institutions or research institutions are financed by research grant from Government or Universities or Private Organization. Some of them request a report on the progression of the research project in order to check that the funding is used appropriately.

    On behalf awardee the ASCSPub Board of Directors (BoD) will tack the following action:

    • The BoD will send a written and sign letter to inform the head of the institution of  the awardee to acknowledge their research effort based on the provided above information.
    • The BoD will send a written and sign letter to notify the grant institution that funded author project about the author research resukt that led to the award  he/she was granted.
    • The BoD will recommend that more consideration be given to the author application if an extension application of the grant is sent by the author the following year.
    • In the letter to the grant institution a Code will be provided for easy follow up of the author application.

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