Become an Editor

Become the ASCS-Pub Journal Editors and make the Journal be your own one.

The Applied Science and Computer Publications is seeking Editors in Chief for the following:

・Journal of Bioinformatic and Neuroscience (JBINS)
・Journal of Information and Communication Engineering (JICE)
・Journal of Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering (JMSME)

Minimum Requirements
  • Good academic network and the ability to make things done within a timely manner.
  • Good ability to make tough decisions and handle crucial problems.

The Editor will be the figurehead of the Journal who will raise the reputation of the Journal with respect to its competitors around the globe. Overall success in this role includes the number and the quality of submissions, acceptance rate and the geographical submissions of articles. The Editor  will work closely with the Executive Managing Editor and the Editorial Board for the success of his Journal. He will take a leading role in developing a vision for his journal, which include call for paper content preparation and driving future publication strategy. The Editor in Chief will use his creative skill and human resource skill to keep the Journal publication periodicity on track and maintain a cordial relationship with reviewers and authors. He will be in charge of creating his editorial board members such as associate editor, editor, reviewers and so on. The prospective editor in his team will receive a honorarium on each proceedings they will publish. If you are interesting please fill the application form below and submit it.


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