Journal of Bioinformatics and Neurosciences (JBINS)

The Journal of Bioinformatics and Neurosciences (JBINS) is an international scientific journal that publishes high quality papers describing the latest information in bioinformatics and neurosciences. JBINS serves as a bridge between academic researchers and research institutions around the globe in the exchange of information related to bioinformatics, neurosciences and their related topics. All papers publishes by JBINS are peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. Editorial members select reviewers based on their experience in the research field aligned with the submitted paper.


Topics covered by JBINS include but not limited to: Biology, genetics and genomics, computational biology, computational system biology, molecular evolution,statistical and population genetics, Bioengineering, Life Sciences, DNA sequencing, genome annotation, genetics of disease,technology application on biomedical, gene and protein expansion, brain stimulation,  brain mapping, behavioral neuroscience and neurology

e-ISSN: 2432-5422, p-ISSN: 2188-8116

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