Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication and Authorship:

1. All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Applied Science and Computer Science Publications are compulsory peer-reviewed by at least three  reviewers

2. For a submitted manuscript be accepted, at least two of the three reviewers accepted that the paper can be published

3. All manuscripts submitted are double-blind before proceeding the review process. Double-blind means that both the reviewer and the author involved are concealed from the reviewer.

4. Applied Science and Computer Science Publications reserve the right to publish a manuscript, which two of the three reviewers involved reject the manuscript

5. Once a manuscript is rejected, it cannot be accepted again or submitted for a second review even if the author make a major revision on the manuscript.

6. Ascs Publications reserves the right to edit any comments that will hinder constructive discussion of the authors’ manuscript.

7. Materials and methods should be informative, well organized and should concisely describe with details in order to allow the work to be repeated.

8. Full description of the method that have been published must be avoided

9.  All manuscripts submitted must have an abstract written in English.

10. All copyrights of the submitted manuscripts are owned by Applied Science and Computer Science Publications.

11.  All manuscripts submitted should have the following in the introduction.

Statement of the Problem:  Why was research needed?,What was the context of the work?

Approach:  The method of the research or study applied to the problem should be described in a concisely. 

Results:   What results did the author get?, What is the findings?. The Author should state what he/she found and relate it to the problem.
Conclusions:    What are the implications of the author answer?

Author’s Responsibilities:

1. Manuscripts submitted must be the original work of the author

2. All associate authors must provide significant contribution to the work and the principal author must certify the contribution of the associate authors if required

3. Manuscripts submitted must not be published elsewhere or be under evaluation by any other Journal

4. Manuscripts submitted must not be considered for publication elsewhere

5. All references data must be cited in the manuscripts to certify that those manuscripts have been of great help to the accomplishment of the author’s work

6. Author must revise their manuscripts according to the reviewer’s recommendations as well as to the Editor’s requirements

7. Publication processing fees must be paid within 15 days from the date the invoice has been received

8. Author must report to the Editor in Chief any conflicts he/she may have after the manuscript have been submitted

9. Author will be contacted shortly before his/her manuscript proceeds to publication. In the case of an error that may lower the quality of the manuscripts, he/her should immediately report to the Editor in Chief and take appropriate measure to correct the errors and that should not affect the publication schedule.

Reviewer’s Responsibilities:

1. The reviewer review should be constructive by giving careful attention to detail and the intellectual independence of the author should be respected.

2. Reviewers should treat all submitted manuscripts as a confidential documents and should not be disclosed to anyone before publication based on Ascs Publications Intellectual Right Policy.

3. Reviewers should return their comments within the time set by the editorial office in order to give time to author in case his /her manuscript needs revision

4. Reviewers should provide valuable comments, instructions to help both authors, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board in maintaining high standards of publication.

5. Reviewers should avoid giving comments not related to authors’ work and so forth.

6.  Reviewer expertise and experience is the key to ensure trend of excellence of the Ascs Publications and will poise to reach a new milestone in the years to come.

7. Reviewer must report any falsification he found during the review process.


All manuscripts published by Applied Science and Computer Science Publication are committed to publishing only original material, that is to say manuscript that has neither been published elsewhere, nor is under evaluation process by any journal elsewhere. Manuscripts that are found to have been plagiarized from a manuscript by other authors, whether published or unpublished, will incur plagiarism sanctions.


All manuscripts that have been found to be falsified from an existing work will not be only accepted, but also the author and his associate will be forbidden from publishing their manuscript in one of the Applied Science and Computer Science Publication Journals for a period of 1 year.
The Institution of the author and his associate will be notified by the Editorial Office and be asked to take a necessary action to prevent such thing to happen again.
In the case an author manuscript has been found falsified after the manuscripts has been published, the concern manuscript will be automatically withdrawn from all databases of the Ascspub. A notification will be sent to Ascs publications index partner or open access such as Scopus, EI Compendex, Google Scholar, Zenodo. Publons, Web of Science, ORCID to mention only a few to withdraw the concerned manuscript.    The concerned author and his Institution will pay the withdraw processing fees if required

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