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The Best Teaching Method to Improve Students Score in Mathematics The Best Teaching Method to Improve Students Score in Mathematics $15.00

Zacharie Mbaitiga

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National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College, Japan

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Vol.1 Issue 1

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Abstract:  Mathematics the foundation of disciplines involved in the development of technologies that change the way of our living style is not an easy subject for many students. Some students cannot acquire the minimum credits require to pass to the next grade. As a result they are forced to repeat the same class again and consequently will have a negative impact on their curriculum vitae. In order to help students obtain not only the require credits to pass on to the next grade but also to gain mathematics skills, understand the mathematics concepts for their future career. Many teachers have devoted their efforts in the development of different methods of teaching mathematics where some of them have been tested with promising results while other not and the challenge is still going on. In order to help mathematics teachers having difficulties helping students increase their mathematics skills or scores, we propose the Best Teaching Method to Improve Students Score in Mathematics. This method proposes: 1) how an effective syllabus can be done to help both students and teachers to enjoy their mathematics lesson. This will eventually involve teacher to do students hearing to get an idea of their background in mathematics for the pasted academic year. 2) the importance of learning environment preparation which will help students to ask any questions with no …


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