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Note To Reviewers:
  • As a peer reviewer for Applied Science and Computer Science Publications, you are part of the most trusted and valued scientific publication community.
  • Your expertise and experience will help ensure excellence of ASCS Publications and will poise to reach a new milestone in the years to come.
  • When reviewing a manuscript, please provide valuable comments, and instructions to help authors, Editor-in-Chief, and the Editorial Board to maintain high standards of publication.
  • ASCS Publications relies on its peer reviewers for fair judgment, critical scientific and critical appraisal, delivered in a timely manner.
  • The review should be constructive, while giving careful attention to detail. Additionally, the intellectual independence of the author should be respected by the reviewer.
  • ASCS Publications reserves the right to edit any comments that will hinder constructive discussion of the authors’ manuscripts. We kindly ask our reviewers to avoid comments not related to authors’ work, and so forth.
  • All manuscripts submitted to ASCS Publications are treated as confidential documents, and should not be disclosed to anyone before publishing, based on ASCS Publications Intellectual right policy.
  • When you are assigned a manuscript to review, please return your comments within the time set by the editorial office, in order to give the author time to revise  his/her manuscript as needed.

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