Journal of Unmanned Areal System and Aerospace

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The Journal of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aerospace (JUASAS)  is an International Journal that publishes a peer-reviewed papers of excellent quality in order to keep the highest standard of the Journal. Papers submitted to JUASAS for publication should be well detailed so that our reviewers can provide contructive comments or recommendation. Maximum 10 pages for $ 350 US 『e-version』, $ 450 US『Print』


JUASAS Covers papers from but not limited to:   Unmanned Aerial Systems, Air drone vehicles, vehicles engineering,   aircraft and spacecraft, aeronautics,  control of space vehicles, stability and Ccntrol, unmanned flying vehicles, vehicles design, airspace control, mechatronics, airspace management, navigation and control.

                                                 e-ISSN: 2432-5449, p-ISSN: 2188-8124

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