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The Journal of Information and Communication Engineering (JICE) is an International Journal with aim to create a space for information sharing on different research methods and their results in connected fields on Information and Communication Engineering, through the articles it publishes. JICE focuses mainly on fundamental and practical applications as well as hardware and software technology necessary for supporting a sustainable, information and communications fields. Articles on theory or  review can be accepted if the manuscript is of high quality.  In order to keep the high standard of the JICE articles presenting a relevant information, well written and organized, and stimulates discussion of important issues or alternative viewpoints but with poor English will be transferred to AscsPub Authors Article English Improvement Section (AAEIS) for English improvement with second review before it can be accepted and for publication.



Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Theory                                               ・Communication Engineering
  • Computer Engineering                                          ・ Mobile computing and wireless mesh network
  • Operating System              ・Mobile communication technology
  • Data Structure and Algorithm          ・Analog and Digital Communication
  • Information Security                                             ・Sensory information processing
  • Machine Learning and Signal Processing             ・Intelligent information processing
  • Media Information               ・Biological Information Processing
  • Digital Signal Processing              ・Integrated Circuits and Computers
  • Information Transmission                                     ・Human Computer -Interaction
  • Information Processing                                      ・Web development  
  • Telecommunication                                           ・Game Development and their Applications
  • Health information                                         ・Information Engineering
  • Advanced communication network control technology


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Print ISSN:          p-ISSN: 2186-9162

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