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The Journal of Advanced Control, Automation and Robotic (JACAR) is an International Journal with  aims to connect  professors and graduate students in different universities with different research background, around the globe through the articles they publish and offer them a platform for join research opportunity. This interdisciplinary Journal publishes manuscripts on Control Engineering, Automation, Robotic and all topics related the above listed fields. Manuscripts on applications and theory, and methodology are the main focus of the JACAR. In order to keep the reputation of the JACAR, articles presenting a relevant information, well written and organized, and stimulates discussion of important issues or alternative viewpoints but with poor English will be transferred to AscsPub Authors Article English Improvement Section (AAEIS) for improvement with second review before it can be accepted and publish.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Biologically Inspired Robot Control                           ・Humanoid Robot
  • System State Control                                                   ・ Human-Robot-Interaction
  • Knowledge Sharing Robot                      ・Hybrid and Distributed Control
  • Data Structure and Algorithm                 ・Mobile robot navigation
  • Mobile Sensor Networks                                              ・Modeling, simulation and diagnosis
  • Artificial Intelligent                                                      ・Multiple robot coordination and cooperation
  • Personal and Service Robots                                        ・Biological Information Processing
  • Range-Free Perception-based Navigation                    ・Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Game Robot                                                                 ・Image and Signal Processing Systems
  • Vision based Robot Control                                         ・ PID Control
  • Sequential Control and Logical Sequence                  ・Fuzzy Control 
  • PID Control                                                                 ・Genetic Algorithm
  • Discrete Control                                                          ・Home automation
  • Signal and Image Digitization



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