A Study on Automatic Evaluation Method of Pointing and Calling for Nurse Education

Open Access

Abstract: Pointing and calling is a method of preventing human error, which is widely used in
Japanese industry. Pointing and calling also has the potential to reduce human error in hospital nursing duties. The development and evaluation of novel technologies are necessary to distinguish if pointing and calling is to be appropriately applied in this context. In this paper, we report on an automatic evaluation method for pointing and calling and present. the evaluation results from an experimental study of the simulated duties of 40 active nurses.
Keywords: Pointing and calling; human error; wearable sensor; evaluation of motion

Tomoki Maekawa, Akira Urashima, Masaki Nakamura, Tomoji Toriyama, Junichi Oshima, Mitsuko Nakagawa and Tadao Nomura

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