Chaotic Synchronization of Respiration and Center of Gravity Sway

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Abstract: Thus far, attention has been paid to phenomena wherein respiratory movement and physical movement systems have worked in coordination with one another, which has been studied. On the other hand, the earlier studies have hinted at the importance of considering mental and physical health from a holistic perspective, while taking into consideration the principles that prescribe the chaotic behavior of living organisms. In other words, this raises the issue: The validity of hypothesizing chaos dynamics as a universal principle for living systems that prescribes the chaotic nature of center of gravity sway and respiration. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to focus on center of gravity sway and respiration in order to examine the relationship in the chaotic nature between the two. Consequently, the issue presented above was supported. What this implies is that quantitatively assessing synchronous phenomena for the LLE for center of gravity sway and respiration used in this study is a more highly valid approach for determining people’s mental and physical conditions in the field of clinical medicine, and therefore it could potentially be applied as a means of substantially supporting the promotion of health.
Keywords: Respiration; Center of Gravity Sway; Chaos; Synchronization

Ryoko Takikawa, Taira Suzuki, Yasutomo Ishii and Mayumi Oyama-Higa

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