Impacts of Radio Frequency Interference on Human Brain Waves and Neuropsychological Changes

Open Access

Abstract: This study investigates the neuro-psychological impacts of radio frequency interference
(RFI) by correlating the brain waves under RFI exposure. In our experiments, twelve participants were tested under controlled RF exposure at 1.8 GHz in an anechoic chamber under one-blind condition. The electroencephalograph (EEG) were recorded for each 5-minute time trial before, during and after RF exposure with an intensity of 10% of the ICNIRP Guideline exposure limits. The psychological responses of the participants are inquired with psychometric scales before and after the experiment to analyze the correlationship between RFI and the emotional reaction of humans. Statistical tests indicate that theta and alpha waves were able to be characterized, and the significant differences were observed in both alpha waves and theta waves between the data before and after exposure from the consequence of paired t-tests. This initial study indicated that short term exposure to RFI may cause impacts on brain waves, but may not lead to any direct emotional changes by the participants.
Keywords: EEG, Radio frequency interference, RF exposure, Brain waves, Neuro-psychological

Yaqing He, Sai-wing Leung, Weinong Sun, Brain Chan, Timothy Siu and Richard Kong

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