On Autonomous Driving: Combining Holistic and Feature based Localization Systems (Reasons and Advantages)

Open Access

Abstract: This paper highlights the importance of combining intensity and feature based localization systems in autonomous driving. The intensity based localization system is represented by calculating cross correlation between LIDAR and map images. The feature based system is integrated by extracting the lateral edges from the LIDAR and map images with respect to the heading angle. An edge matching technique is then applied to estimate the lateral position based on the common extracted features. The experimental results have verified that the estimation of the lateral and longitudinal positions has been improved against the changes of weather and environmental conditions by combining the image and edge matching results.

Mohammad Aldibaja, Naoki Suganuma, Keisuke Yoneda, Ryo Yanase and Akisue Kuramoto

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Kanazawa University

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Vol. 3, Issue 2

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