The 3-Dimensional Medical Image Recognition of Right and Left Kidneys by Deep GMDH-type Neural Network

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Abstract: In this study, the deep multi-layered Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type neural
network algorithm using principal component-regression analysis is applied to recognition problems of the right and left kidney regions. The deep multi-layered GMDH-type neural network algorithm can automatically organize the deep neural network architectures which have many hidden layers and these deep neural networks can identify the characteristics of very complex nonlinear systems. The architecture of the deep neural network with many hidden layers is automatically organized using the heuristic self-organization method, so as to minimize the prediction error criterion defined as Akaike’s information criterion (AIC) or Prediction Sum of Squares (PSS). The heuristic self-organization method is a type of the evolutionary computation. In this deep GMDH-type neural network, principal component-regression analysis is used as the learning algorithm of the weights in the deep GMDHtype neural network, and multi-colinearity does not occur and stable and accurate prediction values are obtained. This new algorithm is applied to the medical image recognitions of the right and left kidney regions. The optimum neural network architectures, which fit the complexity of the right and left kidney regions, are automatically organized and the right and left kidney regions are automatically recognized and extracted by the organized deep GMDH-type neural networks. The recognition results are compared with the conventional sigmoid function neural network trained using the back propagation method and it is shown that this deep GMDH-type neural networks are useful for the medical image recognition problems of the right and left kidney regions.
Keywords: Deep neural network, GMDH, medical image recognition, evolutionary computation,
machine learning.

Tadashi Kondo, Junji Ueno and Shoichiro Takao

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14 - 23

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