Verification Experiment for Drone Charging Station Using RTK-GPS

Open Access

Abstract: In recent years, Drone’s research has become popular, and there is a need to automate the cycle of takeoff, flight, landing, and charging of Drone. Mainly, the problem remains in automatic battery charging. Therefore, in this research, we will realize Drone’s charging station using RTK-GPS with high accuracy. We verified the landing accuracy by experiment. From the results of the verification, it was found that relative positional error between drone and the charging station can be eliminated by referring to the same reference position. Thus, the possibility of navigating Drone to the charging station can be easily implemented.

Suriyon Tansuriyong, Motoki Kyan, Kaito Numata, Shuuya Taira and Takashi Anezaki

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National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College, Japan

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Vol.3 Issue 2

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