A Novel Recognition System for Digits Writing in the Air Using Coordinated Path Ordering

Open Access

Abstract: With the invention of Microsoft Kinect sensor, human-computer interaction is gaining its
attention and becoming available for widespread use. The previous study presented a method of
Kinect-based mid-air handwritten digit recognition for Android smart phones with a recognition
accuracy of only about 94.6%. In this paper, we propose an improved method based on the
normalizing and scaling of path order coordinates. With that, the proposed method leads to accuracy elevation and executing time reduction. Experimental results show an average recognition accuracy rate of 96.8% was achieved for each number.
Keywords: Accuracy rate, handwritten digit recognition, human-computer interaction, Kinect sensor support vector machine

Chiang Wang, Chung-Yen Su and Chun-Lin Lin

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Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

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Volume 1 Issue 1

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41 - 47

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