A Study on Smart Home Voice Control Terminal

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Abstract—With the development of the smart home, people are not only satisfied to control the home appliances and lights remotely by pressing the button. If people can make full use of voice as the most effective way to communicate information, it will make the smart home more convenient in control.
This paper describes the ARM microprocessor, speech recognition chip, voice broadcast module, and NRF24L01 wireless transceiver module. The voice control system of smart home, which is composed of sensor detection and other main modules, is different from the mainstream smart home control products in the market, such as Xiaomi Intelligent Audio. Its input device is portable wearable. When it is used, what you do is only to touch the button to start the recognition mode. Most importantly, it includes the function of voice broadcast so that it can let users achieve simple interaction.
Keywords—Arm microcontroller; Speech recognition; Wireless transceiver; Voice broadcast

Hongbo HAO, Fengzhi DAI, Dejin WANG

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Tianjin University of Science and Technology Tianjin, China

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Volume1, Issue 1

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