An Analysis Of Automated HTML5 Offline Services (AHOS)

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Abstract: The classic web-based applications operate only when connected to the network. Many
realities in a field require a web-based application that is applicable even in case of offline. We have proposed the Automated HTML5 Offline Service (AHOS), presented as the integration of advanced services, developing with HTML5 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to provide web-based applications with the ability to work offline. When the AHOS web-based application visits at the web server for the first time, the web server will notify the application the list of files required to be downloaded. Then after being downloaded, the web application can work successfully and continuously even though the network connection from the client to the server is unavailable. Moreover, if the connection to the server is re-connected, any changes that have been made during offline will be automatically uploaded. The present study describes the requirements and implementation stages of AHOS concept for web-based applications. Then, several current status and challenges of AHOS concept are also described. The performance analyses of the AHOS concept are performed in a case of web-based maintenance Decision Support System (DSS) for Small and Medium Industries (SMIs). The results of the study are very useful in providing in-depth understanding of the advantages and limitations, and as the future directions in applying this AHOS concept to other webbased applications.
Keywords: Hypertext markup language fifth revision, Offline services, Synchronization service, Webbased applications.

Zulkifli Tahir, Tsutomu Inamoto, Yoshinobu Higami and Shinya Kobayashi

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia & Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan

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9 - 15

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