Design of an Intelligent Housekeeping Robot Based on IOT

Open Access

Abstract: This project has developed an IOT based indoor mobile robot, which is used for the
housekeeping service and called as “smart housekeeper”. The robot is equipped with the crawler
chassis structure and the head lifting machinery. It applies Cortex-M4 as the main controller, and
communicates with the outer by WiFi. A smart mobile phone is used as its head. People can operate the robot remotely by another smart mobile phone at any time. It can realize remote video searching, home appliance control, and indoor security. The experiment shows that it works well with all the functions.
Keywords: Housekeeping Robot; WiFi; Home Appliances Control; Video Transmission; Gas

Huailin Zhao, Shunzhou Wang, Yunxiang Liu and Xuyao Hao

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School of Electrical and Electronic Eng., Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China & School of Computer Science and Information Eng., Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China

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Volume 2 Issue 2

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114 - 118

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