The Application of a Driving Circuit Based on 1ED020I12-FTA in PMSM

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Abstract: A new driving circuit based on the IGBT driving chip 1ED020I12-FTA is designed to drive the controller of the high power brushless DC motor in this article. The article has introduced overall design, the driving circuit and the experiments. The experiment results show that the driving circuit is able to drive PMSM motor very well, and it works well with good anti-disturbance, desaturation, electromagnetic isolation, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, Miller active clamp, and so on.
Keywords: high power driving; H bridge circuit; DC motor; pulse width modulation

Huailin Zhao, Shanli Jin, Yunxiang Liu and Jihong Zhu

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School of Electrical and Electronic Eng., Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China & School of Computer Science and Information Eng., Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China & Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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Volume 2 Issue 2

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110 - 113

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