Development of English Learning System Using Subtitle of Japanese Anime

Open Access

Abstract: This paper proposes a new method for learning English, by using English-subbed Japanese sounded cartoons (anime). In the proposed system, the English subtitles are recognized into text in real time and sent to the text-to-speech system. After that, the sound is generated and can be heard immediately, after Japanese sound. It means that, while the learner is watching anime, learner can hear the sound of English subtitles in immediately after he/she heard the sound of original Japanese. By hearing Japanese and English alternately a lot, finally the learner will be able to understand English. This system is suitable for everyone who wants to learn English while watching anime, including the child.
Keywords: English learning system; anime; subtitle recognition; text-to-speech

Suriyon Tansuriyavong

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Volume 2 Issue 2

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78 - 81

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