Hardware Design of the PMSM Control System Based on DSP and CPLD

Open Access

Abstract: This paper designs and realizes the hardware of a PMSM control system, in which DSP is the main controller and CPLD is the auxiliary logic controller. The proposed power driver consists of three independent H-bridge inverter drive circuits. The hardware are designed including the motor phase current detection, main voltage monitoring, signal acquisition of both rotor position and speed, overcurrent protection and other related circuits. The experimental results show that the motor controller is reliable and stable with strong practicability.
Keywords: Control System; CPLD; DSP; PMSM

Huailin Zhao, Xingpeng Zhou, Yunxiang Liu, Jihong Zhu

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School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China & School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, China & Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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Volume 2 Issue 2

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66 - 71

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