The Impact of Trait Anxiety under a Painful Stimulus on the Chaotic Synchronization of Respiration and Pulse Waves

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Abstract: Thus far, attention has been paid to the relation between pain and anxiety, which has been studied. On the other hands, the earlier studies have hinted at the importance of considering mental and physical health from a holistic perspective, while taking into consideration the principles that prescribe the chaotic behavior of living organisms. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to use the respiration and pulse waves to examine the nature of the chaotic connection between biosignals involved in people’s mental and physical conditions, particularly those involved in the psychological trait of anxiety under a painful stimulus in this case. The results showed that with the high anxiety group, the extent of the synchronicity between their respiration and pulse waves under a painful stimulus increased, while this decreased for the low anxiety group. In other words, chaos dynamics for living systems are expressed in synchronous phenomena for the LLE for respiration and pulse waves. It also implied that these dynamics are prescribed by trait anxiety under a painful stimulus. This has opened up the possibility that, in the future, the cross-correlation function for LLE in pulse waves and respiration will make contributions to treating and assessing chronic pain in the field of clinical medicine.
Keywords: Pain; Anxiety; Chaos; Synchronization

Ryoko Takikawa, Taira Suzuki, Yasutomo Ishii and Mayumi Oyama-Higa

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