Visualization of Individual Feature Amount Appearing in Daily Performance Based on Electrostatic Induction

Open Access

Abstract: In this paper, a new technique to measure daily human body motion without using cameras and video images is presented. The change in the electric potential of the human body that is caused by the daily performance induces an electrostatic induction current in the electrode placed at a distance of a few meters from the human body. Using this technology, I have developed an effective non-contact technique for the detection of human daily performance by detecting the change in this human-generated body charge. This technique based on the detection of an electrostatic induction current of the order of approximately sub-picoamperes flowing through an electrode that is placed at a distance of 5 m from the subject. It is shown that the characteristics of the individual are included in walking motion, sitting on a chair and retiring motion. This technique effectively explains the behavior of the waveform of the electrostatic induction current flowing through a given measurement electrode through a capacitance model of the human body.

Keywords: Daily performance, Electrostatic induction current, Non-contact measurement, Wavelet transform


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Kindai University, Japan

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Vol. 4, Issue 1

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