Edge Reconstruction of LED Probes Using Various Segmentation and the Averaging of Sub-pixels

Open Access

Abstract: LED probes are essential for testing the quality of LEDs, gaining its attention among industrial applications. Disturbance factors such as dust or noise affections may occur during the manufacturing process of the LED probes, which leads angle error to increase. With the increasing demand for LED probes, higher precision and efficiency are expected by users. Efficient method for edge detection and the preciseness of angle is crucial in our study. The previous study presented a method using Scharr edge detection and adaptive reconstruction. In this paper, we add a new method based on various segmentation and the averaging of sub-pixels (VSAS). Experimental results indicate that this method provides higher precision, with and an average error less than 1% compared to the other previous methods.
Keywords: Angle accuracy, edge detection, led, probe, sub-pixels, various segmentation

Ying-Hao Liu, Chung-Yen Su, Li-An Yu and Nai-Kuei Chen

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Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

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Volume 1 Issue 1

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52 - 58

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