TDOA based Geolocation using IRLS Algorithm


Abstract: The geolocation method using the wireless signal processing system is widely used in many industrial areas. The time difference of arrival (TDOA) method is one of the most commonly used geolocation methods. The TDOA signal based geolocation system can estimate the position of a mobile object by using at least three base stations in two dimensional spaces. In geolocation problem, the precise estimation of mobile’s position is the most significant issue.The measurement noise that is contained in measured TDOA data causes the estimation inaccuracy in a mobile  geolocation. In this paper, the objective function that represents the scalar error of position estimation is formulated using the concept of p Lp -norm approximation. Also, we suggest the iterative reweighted least square (IRLS) scheme for minimizing of the objective function. The optimal solution can be obtained using the limited measurement data through the reweighted iteration process of the IRLS scheme.

Keywords: Geolocation; Time difference of arrival; Iterated reweighted least square; Obtimization

Kyunghyun Lee, Hyungkwan Kwon and Kwanho You

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Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

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Vol. 3, Issue 5

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